About Us

We stand out in the market for our long tradition and ability to innovate: the digitisation of networks and business processes is our challenge today.

Italgas Group

We are the leading gas distribution company in Italy and the third in Europe seeking new opportunities for growth in the sectors of energy efficiency and the integrated water service, using all the Group’s expertise.

Our Mission

Through our work we aim to promote the fundamental role of natural gas in the energy transition process towards a decarbonised and circular economy.

Group activities

Every day, for more than 180 years, the work of Italgas’ men and women has enabled millions of Italians to use gas, a sustainable, durable and reliable energy source.


Italgas is undergoing a digital transformation process that involves not only infrastructure, but also processes and people to offer effective support to the energy transition.

Italgas Innovates

We have chosen to invest a total of 1.4 billion euros in digital innovation initiatives capable of adding value to all players in the system and making Italgas unique at European level. Our development as well as our contribution to the creation of a net-zero energy mix by 2050, as envisaged by the European Union, continue to revolve around digital transformation.

Digitisation concerns two key aspects of our work:

  • Digitisation of assets
  • Transformation of processes and people

Our business plan has given a strong impetus to the digitisation of our network and the completion of the smart meters installation plan. This commitment will make us the first utility in the world with a fully digitised network.

A digital network is an infrastructure that integrates devices capable of providing and receiving information and of being controlled remotely and in real time: it is a necessary condition for the accommodation and distribution of renewable gases other than methane, such as hydrogen, biomethane and synthetic methane.

Innovation Partners


SkipsoLabs is a global company that provides advisory services and innovation platforms for enabling enterprises to structure and manage all their innovation initiatives, accelerating transformation and scaling growth.


Mind The Bridge

Mind the Bridge is an organization that provides Innovation advisory services and products for corporates and startups. It supports global corporations in their innovation quest driving Open Innovation initiatives.


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